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Monday, March 23, 2015

Washi Tape Stationary Set

It seems that everyone loves Japanese Washi paper tape and I can see why as it is so addictive, has many uses and comes in pretty colours and patterns. For those that haven’t come across Washi tape it originated in Japan and traditonly was made from natural fibers like bamboo, hemp and mulberry tree bark. It feels like paper and comes in many designs and patterns, enough to make any crafter swoon! Most Washi Tape is strong and this makes it great for everyday and decorative use.
Now that the kids are back at school and bringing home homework we decided to get creative and pretty up their desks with some stationary items covered with Washi Tape.

First off we covered some pencils by cutting lengths of Washi Tape. We laid the pencil along the edge of the sticky side of the tape and carefully rolled it around the pencil. As we rolled we ensured the tape was smooth and any air bubbles were carefully pushed out and flattened. We then trimmed any excess tape from the ends.
One of the pencils was fatter so we rolled the Washi tape diagonally along the length of the pencil for a different effect.
We decorated plain note paper with a strip of Washi paper down one edge and personalised a ruler with washi tape down the center.

A comment was made by one child that their glue stick and highlighters always get borrowed and not returned so we customised them too with more tape to make them easy to identify.
A plain, clean yoghurt container got the tape treatment too and became a pencil holder. To finish off our desk decorations we found an empty glass jar and added some rings of tape and turned it into a pretty vase.
Many other objects have got the Washi treatment too – erasers, drink bottles, scissors.

Once the kids started they couldn’t stop!

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