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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Felt Cupcake Tutorial

Chocolate Cupcake Tutorial

You will need: 
Patty cake cover for your pattern in what what ever size cupcake you would like.
Felt - dark brown and white.
Fabric flower embellishment
Cotton and needle

Cut patty cup cake wrapper as shown in the photo above. cut a circle to fit the top of the cupcake wrapper.  This is your pattern. The bigger the cupcake wrapper the larger the finished cupcake will be.
Cut out one round top piece, one side piece and one small round bottom piece from the dark brown felt.
Sew the sides of the cupcake side piece together, then sew in the bottom piece. The cupcake will be very floppy at this stage but don't worry, it will come together nicely.
Sew the top of the cupcake to the wider side of the cupcake sides. Leave a small gap for stuffing. Add filling and sew up the gap. Ensure the cupcake is firmly stuffed so the cupcake at the end is firm and holds a good shape.
Cut out the icing for the cupcake from the large circle pattern piece in white felt. Select the flower embellishment.
Sew the white icing piece onto the top of the cupcake and sew the flower in the center of the icing.
Now make a whole heap more.  Experiment with different coloured icing and flower embellishments.  Make cream by twirling and sewing on strips of white felt, embroider on hundreds and thousands in pretty colours.   Change the colour of your cupcake by using cream or tan coloured felt for variety.

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