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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Favourite Books and Storytelling Activities

In my house we are big book lovers. From an early age my boys were enjoying being read to and they all had their favourite books which they loved us reading over and over to them. To increase their interest in the stories in the books I would come up with activities based on those books they loved so much.  With a bit on imagination it is easy to do this with most books. 

One of their favourites was The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  When they were young I made them a set of felt food that the caterpillar ate. I have just made a set for my Etsy and Madeit shops too complete with the caterpillar.

We’re going on a Bear Hunt was another favourite for a long time. Why not plan your own bear hunt. Make up an obastacle course inside with a green blanket to creep over, a pile of pillow as a log to go over, a chair as a bush to go around, sheets over the dining table as the bears cave (with a teddy bear inside). Read the story as the kids act it out. If you are feeling really adventurous get out side and head off to your park or the bush and go on a real “bear hunt”.

With books like Dear Zoo print out some pictures of the animals mentioned in the book, get the kids cut them out and colour them in. Attach the pictures to icecream sticks and get the kids to find the right animal as the story is being read to them.

 With Dr Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham you could get creative and use some spinach blended up to make your scrambled eggs green for kids lunch. Or get the sewing supplies out and make your very own green eggs and ham felt food set.

Books with Nursery Rhymes are fun for the kids to dress up as the characters or to act out the stories eg. Jack and Jill went up the Hill, grab a bucket and act out the story with kids falling down onto something soft like a beanbag. With books about food get creative (and messy in the kitchen) or use play dough to make the foods mentioned in the books.

With a bit of imagination most kids books lend themselves to a whole lot of imaginative and interactive fun. There are also plenty of free book activity sheets on line that can be easily printed off and used. Have fun!

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