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Friday, September 26, 2014

No Sew Felt Play Food

For those who can't sew or who just want to whip up some quick felt play food then here are some quick and very easy ideas.

Felt Pizza

Use a dinner plate as a template and cut out one pizza base in a tan coloured felt.
Cut another circle 4cm less in diameter from red felt. This is the tomato paste.
Use white felt to cut out mushrooms, black felt to cut out round olives, green and red felt to cut our capsicum, pink felt for bacon strips and yellow felt to cut out cheese.

Felt Spaghetti

Cut out 10, 16 x 2 cm strips of cream coloured felt for a plate of fettuccine spaghetti.


Make ribbon pasta from square pieces of felt in apricot, pale green and cream felt. Cut two opposite edges of the squares with zig zag scissors. Tie a small piece of yarn or cotton around the center to get the ribbon shape.

Felt salad
Cut out lettuce leaves from green felt, cherry tomatoes from red felt cut into circles, grated carrots from orange felt.
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