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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Leonie Dawson Incredible Biz Workshop

I have really enjoyed spending my time working through Leonie Dawsons Biz Workshop for 2014.  Not sure what the Biz workshop is?

Take a look here.
And read here and here.

So my first task was to Dream big and start writing those dreams down. The workshop is not only really practical but very pretty and easy to use.  The gorgeous watercolour pages and inspirational quotes scattered throughout the workbook make it a pleasure to work through.

Some of my dreams or goals for Creative Wishes are to see my items in more stores, to do a market, develop a range of toys suitable for babies, increase my range of products. 

Once I worked out what my dreams are for 2014 I took each goal and broke that goal down to smaller actionable ones.
For instance take my goal of developing a range of baby toys.
I have broken this goal down further- 
Investigate safety regulations for baby toys.
Decide on a toy that will entertain and engage a baby.
Draft toy pattern
Source materials
Sew toy and test for safety and durability
Photograph toy
Promote and list in my shop

The next stage is to schedule each step by setting a time frame and writing it on the calendar.

I am excited where my little sewing business is heading this year.  I feel I am much more focused and organised. I really believe Creative Wishes is going to shine in 2014 and I can't wait to share the journey with YOU.

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