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Friday, May 10, 2013

Setting Up a Play Corner

Kids Play Corner

When my boys were small we had a spare room and we thought that it would make a great toy room.  I had images of the kids going in there and happily playing away for hours at a time.  I thought having the toys and games all in the one dedicated room would mean the rest of the house stayed relatively tidy.  But guess what?  That didn't happen! 

The kids had a great time in the toy room sometimes but really they wanted to be where we were.  If we were in the kitchen then they would bring their toys with them and be there with us.  If we were in the lounge room then that is where they wanted to be too and they would bring armful off toys with them.
So at the end of the day not only was the toy room a mess but also toys were still scattered randomly around the house.

Kids want the security of being physically close to mum or dad.  They want to be able to have parents within eyesight. They also want to share their discoveries and play time with their parents.

So setting up a play corner in the most used room makes perfect sense.  This room is most often a family room attached to the kitchen.  It will also mean the kids will play independently for longer knowing that there parents are with in sight.

Setting up a dedicated play area is really simple and easy to do by utilising furniture you most likely already have.

What You Will Need
- Soft floor covering.  A mat or rug to define the toy area and to provide  a soft play area.  Soft cushions to sit on are a great addition and will make it much more comfortable when you are sittingthere playing with the kids.
- Shelving. A short bookshelf allows children to see their toys immediately and to be able to select whichones they want to play with.  Avoid having a toy box as the toys will get tossed in their and parts jumbled up.  You will find the kids will up end the toy box completely trying to find the toy they are after.

- Child Sized Furniture.  A small table and chairs are ideal.  So too are kids sized play kitchens, tool benches, lego tables etc.

- Selection Of Toys.  Don't have all the toys in the toy play area.  Sometimes too much choice can be confusing and will lead to a huge mess as kids will go from one to another.  Choose a selction of toys from my list of 8 essential toys for the play area. Rotate the toys in the play area weekly or fortnightly to keep it fresh and interesting.
Do you already have a toy area set up?  I would love to hear about it and any hints and tips that have worked well for you.

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