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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Adventure Time Toys

I often get emails asking if I can make up a special custom order for a customer.  Usually they have seen one of my toys or games and want one but in their own colour scheme or with some unique feature.

Last week I had a very special request for a custom order.  The request came from a young boy who's favourite show on tv is Adventure Time.

He looks forward to Monday at 5.30 when the new Adventure time show is on tv and he goes around the house singing the theme song.  He watches repeats over and over and knows all the many characters names and powers and personalities.  He may even be a little obsessed!

This young boy is my son.  He came to me and asked if he could give me a challenge to sew him some of the characters from the show.  He helped me find the picture of the character from the show he wanted, draft a paper pattern, select felt colours and to cut them out.

We have completed Jake, Finn and BMO (Beemo).  Little did I know that there are about 50 characters in this show.  I have a feeling I will be sewing these little characters for some time to come!

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