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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kings, Pirates and Superheroes

My Creative Space was full of shades of pinks and princess crowns and wands there for a while. Much to my little models disgust!  My model is my youngest son who was my very reluctant princess crown model.  I ended up bribing him with a $1.00 each time he posed for me.  That was working for a while but then even the payment of money wasn't enough incentive for him to don a pink, girly, glittery princess crown and wand.

So it was time to sew some non girly things.  Strangely little munchkin was more than happy to try on the more masculine kinds crown, pirates hat and eye patch and especially the super hero hat and laser arm band complet with lightening bolt.  He has put a request through for his very own super hero hat and two arm bands so that will be my next sewing project.

I did, however, convince him to model the nurses hat by telling him that there are loads of male nurses around (didn't tell him that they dont wear hats anymore though)!
So that in a nut shell is my creative week.  Pop on over here to read about others Creative Spaces and be sure to share yours too.

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