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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Summer Garden

I have been giving the garden a bit of loving lately and it has been giving me back lots of veges and fruit.
I think we are the only place in Australia that hasn't been having rain - just want enough to fill up the tanks and water the garden thanks. It has rained all down the coast, skips us and goes out to sea and then rains all down south! So a lot of my summer gardening involves watering.

I have been picking lots of basil, parsley, chillis and other lovely herbs. The chillis are fantastic this year and I have been using them in cooking, dried lots and yesterday I made a very hot chilli paste.

Most of the fruit trees are still young and not fruiting just yet. I live in suburbia on an average sized block and I have over 15 different sorts of fruit trees. Some are in pots and some in the garden. Some are dwarf varieties because of size issues - like the banana, one of the lemon trees and avocado.
I have loads of lemons and cherry guavas. The tree below fruited fantastically this year. It is a peacharine tree. Unfortunately fruit fly has got to all the fruit that wasn't in exclusion netting. The tree has at least 50 fruit on it still and they are very close to being ripe. All the branches were full of fruit until those horrible pests got to them. Next year I will use exclusion netting on the whole tree.

Veges are also going well. I have tomatoes, carrots green beans, eggplants and artichokes. This is my first year growing artichokes and it wont be my last. They are so pretty when allowed to flower.

Really nothing tastes better than the yumminess of freshly picked and eaten produce.

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