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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mosaic Firepit Project

The mosaic is finished! I am so thrilled with it too.
I loved the whole process (well except for the grouting). My hands are cut and I have grout stains that wont wash off but it was worth it.

Hubby enlisted the help of eldest munchkin and friend and put it into place. It is heavy! They ended up sliding it down between the fire pit and fence and wedging it between the fence rails and liquid nailing it in place.

Just a couple of finishing touches - a top edging and then I will seal the tiles once the grout has cured in a weeks time.

I could become addicted to mosaics! One thing I do know is that my second project will be much smaller than this one! I have already picked up some things to mosiac from last weeks bulk garbage day. I found a stone pillar that I intend to add a bird bath to. Also came across a cafe style outdoor table. The legs need a coat of paint and i am going to mosaic the table top. Will have to wait for my poor cut fingers to heal first!



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