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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mosaic Project

My creative space this week (and last one too) is full of broken tiles and adhesive. You may remember me mentioning in this post about the fire pit we have built in our backyard and about the big mosaic back board I was making. Well this is it.
The mosaic is huge! About 2 metres long. It features flames on one side with a moon and night sky. On the other side there is a mandarin/olive tree (haven't decided which yet) and the sky goes from black, to grey to dark blue to light blue with a sun. There are also some chillis, glass of red wine and a wine bottle there too.
We are having a Christmas work party here at the beginning of December so it needs to be finished by then. At the moment the large board is outside on the outdoors table and it all needs to be clear before the party.

I am really enjoying doing this mosiac but would recomend beginning with one that isn't so big for a first attempt. But I think I am now addicted to mosaics and have collected a few things that I want to mosaic. It is rather therapeutic (not that i need therapy) to get the hammer and bang tiles until they break.


  1. that looks amazing so far! i've always wanted to try mosaic. good luck with rest of it (and happy tile smashing!)

  2. What a first effort - I did some mosaics many years ago and they were so much fun. I'd love to do another one some time. Good luck with yours, it sounds amazing.

  3. Wow that looks fantastic!! I especially love the tree. Amazing work.

  4. It looks VERY impressive. Lovely! Given me idea's too :-)



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