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Friday, June 4, 2010

My Creative Space

I have had lots on the go this week in my Creative Space.
Someone specials birthday so made this collage of travel photos for him. Lots of wonderful memories there!

It has been raining non stop (well feels that way) for almost 3 weeks. So I decided it was good opportunity to paint inside since it is too wet to be outside much. I thought the hallway would be a good place to start. Goodbye pink walls, goodbye pink ceilings and goodbye pink wallpaper. I need a break from all the pink! I am a colour person but have surprised myself for deciding to paint the hallway walls white - antique white USA. A few walls will have a splash of colour just haven't decided what yet. As you can see I still need to paint the ceiling and get rid of the wallpaper. The wallpaper is proving very stubborn to remove - must have used some super glue on it! I'm off to hire a wallpaper steamer today!
And finally another canvas from one of my saved and recycled Little Golden Books. Eloise Wilkin illustration on this one. I adore her drawings! I was lucky enough to save a whole lot of Little Golden Books from being thrown into the rubbish. See the story of their rescue here, just scroll down to the part that says The Story of The Pictures and read away.

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  1. Oooh, nice idea with the Eloise Wilkin print!! I've got a few mostly destroyed Golden Books that would be good candidates for this sort of treatment ...



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