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Friday, March 26, 2010

Cloth Book

It is feeling like summer here today and thats great. And what is even better is that today is a public holiday - hooray!

Hubby and I have been rearranging furniture and prettying up the place. I have even managed to pretty up the laundry (which is also my sewing room). I have found two bags of stuff to offload to the op shop - another hooray as I love decluttering.

This afternoon hubby, the munchkins and I all headed on down to the lake for a splash and a play.

Finished another cloth book too.

A book for little ones about the weather.
Sunny day like mine today with clothes drying on the line.

Rainy days with crinkly sounding grey cloud and ducks having a splash.

Windy day with leaves and apples falling off the tree. Quickly pick the other three apples off the tree and pop them into the basket before the wind blows them off.

Snowy day with fluffy snow flakes to feel and a cute snow man.

Wishing you all Creative Wishes galore until next post.b

1 comment:

  1. Really like your cloth book! Beautifully made and such adorable pictures.



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