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Friday, June 3, 2016

Felt Campfires

Winter is here... and since this is the time we spend inside I thought I would share one of my newer Creative Wishes creations with you all.
Felt Pretend Campfires

The campfires come in a few varieties and are priced from as little as $50.00 for a basic campfire with 3 logs and a flame to the deluxe campfire  $90.00 which includes 3 logs, flame, 12 rocks and two marshmallows on sticks. And for a bit more variety the logs come in two different colours and the rocks can be made from a mottled grey felt, black or a dark charcoal felt. (black felt rocks are pictured).

The campfires are great for imaginative play. Kids love setting them up inside with their dolls and teddies around and pretending to cook their marshmallows or to keep warm. Children with indoor tee pees love the campfire set up outside their tee pee or indoor cubby house as an extra fun  play element.

They team really well with my BBQ grill food set too.

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