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Do your self a favour and treat yourself. They are awesome for goal setting and following through on your goals throughout the year!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Goals, Making New habits and my 100 things for 2015

For the last couple of years I have been using Leonie Dawson's Life and Biz books for reviewing the year gone and for making new goals for both my personal and business goals.  To say I love her workbooks is an understatement. I would be lost without them.  I enjoy filling them out and I have found I get results.  Hurray for that!
At the end of each month I set a time to review the month gone and make plans for the month ahead.  Usually I make this into an outing. Last week I went to a local park near the lake, got myself a coffee and lemon tart, sat in the shade of a giant tree and had myself a lovely review day.

So once again this year I have my copy of the 2015 Create Your Shining Year planner and workbook and am using that to set my goals etc.

I have chosen my word for the year.
:to bring to a successful end, carry through, accomplish
I have also written out a list of 100 things to do in 2015
The great thing is that I have already ticked some things off my list that I already have done like;
Make homemade cheese, made feta and questo fresco.
More raised vegetable gardens
Plant blueberry bushes
Visit an art gallery, went last weekend to see Archibald paintings.
New products for Creative Wishes, daily weather chart and doll clothing. 

Do you set goals or journal. Do you have a special word of the year or write lists of things to accomplish over the year? 

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