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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Party Time Cakes and Felt Food

Lately I have been sewing until my hands are sore! I've been making loads of felt play food sets. There have been BBQ sets, fruit and noodles, pasta and cake.

Besides sewing I love to cook and I love to make fun and decorative birthday cakes. Now when I cook something I am always thinking how I can make it into a felt play food toy.

So when I was asked to replicate a friends rainbow birthday cake into play food I leapt at the challenge.

She had a fairy rainbow birthday party with a rainbow cake that looked awesome with wonderfully colourful layers of moist cake with a delicious white icing on top.

Here is my felt version of a slice of rainbow cake.
But I didn't stop there. I replicated a whole lot of the party food.
It ended up as an adorable display at the party and because every piece of felt food I make is designed to be played with, it later became a fantastic play set for the birthday girl.

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