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Monday, March 31, 2014

Healthy Lunch Boxes

This year I have been making huge changes to our eating habits at home. 
One of the main changes has been eating mostly gluten free. We are not allergic to gluten but I certainly feel healthier, less bloated and more alert when I don't eat gluten. My youngest has a definite intolerance of gluten and gets a flare up of his auto immune disorder, skin issues, tired etc.

Initially lunch boxes posed a problem.  I was so used to making a sandwich, including a treat and a piece of fruit.  Now lunches are more like a platter of different foods. They have been a big hit and where the sandwiches often came back home partly eaten now the lunch is being eaten.  Hurray to that!

Now, there is no typical lunch, it varies each day. 
Today there was some olives, meatballs, rice crackers, cheese, chopped up vegetables, a banana and a gluten free cupcake (from this recipe from The Unrefined Kitchen).

Tomorrows will include a sausage roll (home made), grapes, boiled egg and some vege sticks.

The Japanese have been feeding their kids healthy lunches for years with their awesome Bento boxes.  I don't think mine will ever be this inspiring and delicious looking though!

PS How cute is that egg? So doing that to tomorrows egg.

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