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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

School Holidays Lets Get Active Sports Day

This is part 3 in my School Holidays Lets Get Active series.
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Kids love running, jumping, skipping, hopping ... so lets have a fun active sports day!

Animal Obstacle Course
Set up an obstacle course in your backyard (if it is rainy it can easily be adapted to inside).
Hoops to jump through, an outdoor picnic table to crawl under, witches hats to run around, bucket to throw some balls into, planks of wood to balance on, slide to climb up and slide down, trampoline to jump on etc.  Incorporate any play equipment you may have or improvise with ropes, washing baskets etc.

Make up some simple signs to get the kids acting like animals as they make their way through the obstacle course.
Crawl like an ant under the table
Jump like a kangaroo through the hoops
slither like a snake around the tree
jump like a bunny on the trampoline

Now get a stop watch and time the kids as they go around the course.  See if they can do it faster and beat their personal best time.

Mini Athletics Carnival
Discus throwing using a Frisbee.
Shot put using a hoop as the starting point and a tennis ball.
Javelin using a soft pool noodle as the javelin.
Long jump on the grass.
High jump over a pool noodle.

Make some medals with paper, ribbon and coloured pens.

Make your own Olympic torch with a cardboard tube and red crepe paper to represent the flame coming out the top.
Get the kids to choose what country they want to represent, look it up and get them to design the flag of that country.

By this stage the kids will be hungry so time for some nourishing food fit for an athelete.
Grab your star cookie cutter out and get the kids to shape some fruit into stars. they can do this with cheese and their sandwiches too.


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