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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

School Holidays Lets Get Active! Pirate Day

To celebrate school holidays and to help entertain the rug rats I will be posting some fun themed activities to get the kids outside, using their imagination and playing.  These activities won't cost a lot and I bet your kids have a ball!

Part 2 Nature Day
Part 3 Sports Day

Todays fun activity is to have a pirate activity day.

Dress like a pirate with a pirates hat and eye patch, cut off a pair of old denim jeans to make pirate shorts, wear a bandana, make a belt with an old scarf and a buckle made from aluminium foil. Get the kids involved making their own sword from cardboard or empty paper towel rolls.

SHIP. Now that the kids are suitably attired it is time to head outdoor and find your pirate ship.  A little bit of imagination is required here.  Use a cubby or a deck or play equipment.  My son likes to pretend our raised wooden day bed is his pirate ship.  Grab a broomstick for a paddle and an old sheet for a sail and your ship will be ready to sail the seven seas.

Pirate Games. Make a pirate obstacle course and walk the plank by sliding down a slide, jump through hoops and pretend they are the ships port holes, grab a bucket of water and a mop and get them mopping the decks (give them water and the kids will be entertained for ages).  Treasure hunt - hide some gold toy coins around the yard or in a sandpit for the kids to find.
Play a modified game of statues. When you shout out Ahoy Mateys! the kids run around, when you shout out scurvy they lie down.

Pirate Craft.  Make spy glasses with a cardboard tube some sticky tape and paper. Get the kids busy designing their own treasure map. Give them some glue and some old magazines and let them create.

Eat.  Time to get creative again, cut their sandwiches into a circle and make a face on the bread, green lettuce hair, round cheese eyes, vegemite eye patch and moustache and red capsicum mouth. Make blue(water) jelly and pop an orange slice on top to look like a boat. Eat outside in their pirate ship.
If you try any of these activities let me know and I would love to see some pictures too!

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