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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marketing Advice for a New Online Seller - Guest Post by Lynda Lewis

Todays post is by Lynda, the marketing mastermind behind Bellissima Jewellery.
Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Lynda Lewis and together with Gina Maria Pardo we own and run Bellissima Jewellery. I run the business and marketing side and Gina started the business and creates the jewellery.  Gina is a stay at home, homeschooling mother of 6 awesome children ages 3-12 years old.  Gina has been creating since she was a small child.  The bold, rich colours and endless variety of gem stones provides Gina with endless ways to express her creativity. She enjoys making something that people will be proud to wear. 

What do you make and sell?
Bellissima Jewellers offers great quality, up-to-date, stylish jewellery for all women!  Our jewellery is made from genuine Bali Sterling Silver, authentic Swarovski Crystals and natural stones and beaded on stainless steel wire and sterling silver finishing’s. We reject plastic materials, imitations and stretchy string - we only craft genuine, quality bracelets, earrings and necklaces that our customers will enjoy for a lifetime. 
Best marketing for the new Etsy seller.
In the beginning we naively think that if we build “it” with quality products, “they” will come. Well… they don’t. Not unless you tell them to come.
How? Through Marketing.
Marketing is the key to every business, but it takes time, lots of time. I could write for hours, even days about the beginnings, the middle and the never ending marketing road. Here we’ll just focus on the beginning for the new Etsy online seller – where should you start.
4 basic getting started tips.
1. The best first step in marketing your new Etsy shop is getting involved in teams. Etsy teams assist you with promoting your shop. I highly recommend focusing on both internal Etsy promotion and external. So, join teams where they focus on internal marketing and other teams where they focus on external. Visit to join teams. Please know that many of the external teams will require that you have external marketing avenues, such as a Facebook page. Even if they don’t (which most do), Facebook is a great first avenue for promotion.
2. Open a business page on Facebook. In the beginning you will have no fans and nobody will be “listening” to you but just start talking or in Facebook jargon, start posting. The external marketing groups in Etsy will provide you with avenues to promote your Facebook page thereby gaining fans/likes. If you want to read up on the How To’s of Facebook before opening a page, try reading a Facebook guidebook located at The most important thing to remember about Facebook (as with most social media sites) is to share interesting content in addition to info/pictures about your products. Have a Facebook page with personality, one that provides information people can relate to and want to read. There is a lot to learn about Facebook, so take your time and learn as you go.
3. Next, make sure you add tracking to your shop and you monitor where your visits are coming from. As you grow your marketing efforts and expand your reach (through social media, relationships, blogs, etc.) the tracking information will help you determine what is working and what isn’t so you can focus more of your efforts on what works. Time and money are precious, tracking and monitoring helps you to leverage both of them wisely!
 4. The last “first thing” is to make sure you are adding titles, detailed descriptions (size of item, what it includes customization if applicable, colour, materials used, etc.) and tags to each item.  The titles and tags should be repetitive of one another. The repetitiveness strengthens Google’s view that your shop really sells what it says it sells and will serve (list) your shop to prospective buyers who are searching for an item that you sell. This is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a complete topic all of its own!
Best of all, all of the tips shared above are FREE. The best tip to share is to start with all of the free avenues – seek them out, reach out, ask for freebies and take them as far as you can. Believe it or not, there are many free avenues to pursue and maximize. As you begin selling, you can begin to research marketing opportunities that have a small cost, ones you believe will be beneficial.  Remember to track everything so you can make good decisions with both your time and money. Most importantly, buyers can’t buy from you if they can’t find you - so never stop marketing.
Guest post by Lynda Lewis from Bellissima Jewelers

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