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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Handmade Toys - Felt Cars and Trucks

I have just finished a custom order and loved making it so much that I made an extra for my Made It store.

The brief was it must keep a young boy entertained on a long plane flight, feature cars and trucks and be light and easy to take along when travelling.

It is all that as well as interactive:
  • Wheels that can be interchanged between the different cars and truck.
  • Tool box that has two metal tools inside.
  • Opening truck door to place a driver behind the wheel.
  • Caravan with top opening to place people or luggage inside.
  • Back of truck opening for luggage, tool box or people.
Road pieces that the cars, truck and caravan can be positioned on.
I really enjoyed making this set and I have a feeling there will be more like it coming soon.

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