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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sewing Room

Do you have a sewing craft room?

Maybe something like the one above?

 I dream of having my very own sewing room.  A room to sew and store material, supplies and completed toys, a place to cut out patterns.  It would have my computer close by and an area where I could package sales.

I really don't see that dream coming true until a child leaves home.  And given that the average age that kids (adults really) leave now is in the 20's, well lets just say, I will be waiting for a while.  I have already told my eldest I plan to turn his room into a sewing/craft studio when he leaves.  I will be nice and put a day bed in there in case he wishes to stay over night once in a while.

So do you want to see where I create?
Be warned though, I didn't tidy up.  It is in its normal chaotic state!
 The desk above is a roll top desk (very handy for shutting and hiding all the creative mess).  It is in a corner of my lounge room and it is where I am a lot of nights.  I do all my hand sewing from here.

This is my 'sewing room', otherwise known as the laundry.  Yes, folks all my gorgeous toys are sewn right here.  It is actually a very good sized laundry and functions really well as my sewing room.  It has loads of natural light and I often have the door open to let in some fresh air and more light.  And, yes, that is a basket load of dirty clothes!  Told you it wasn't glamerous. It is situated right off the kitchen/family area so very handy postion to escape to whiles doing other things ... sew a crown, feed the kids, check on homework, sew another toy etc.

In the hallway I have a cupboard that I store all my craft items, materials, patterns, stuffing etc in and in another partof the house I have another cupboard where I keep finished items that are ready for sale.

I am going to be running a regular feature showcasing much more gorgeous, organised and adorable creative studios.  Have you got a great creative space you would to share? 


  1. I want a whole room dedicated to making too! Also, I love that you show your real working space. It makes the rest of us feel human. ;) I think your products are lovely. Suzanne.

  2. It's not a requirement to have a dedicated space (you seem to do quite well sharing the space with the laundry!), but it's nice if you do. I'm working on reorganizing my small studio area in my home. It would be great to create art in a more aesthetically-pleasing space! Abi



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