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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spring Vegetables

This is my very favourite time for gardening.  The days are warming up but not yet too hot.  Seeds and vegetables are growing at a fast pace.  While it hasn't rained here for a few months, I am managing to keep water up to all the plants.  Luckily we have a couple of water tanks for the garden.  But here we are only in October and they are both almost dry!

What I am growing in the vege patch:
eggplants, tomatoes, silverbeet, chilli, cos lettuce, cucumbers, beetroots, rocket, pumpkins, potoatoes, sweet potatoes, capsicum, spaghetti squash and loads of different herbs.

I am harvesting: Green beans, cos lettuce, beetroot leaves (for salads), chilli, rocket and herbs.

My veges grow in a special raised vege bed (above) as well as in other garden beds where ever there is a space.  The herbs are scattered around the garden and I always have pots of herbs growing by the laundry door where they are easy to get to quickly.

I am hoping it rains very soon!


  1. That's all looking great Melissa, we've been enjoying lovely salad from the garden over the past two weeks, waiting on a few other yummy things to sprout including snap peas, hope you get some rain soon, very dry here too!

  2. Sorry, I meant Melinda, off to bed for me zzz

  3. Your veggies and herbs look great. Sure hope you get some rain soon. I'm also a gardener and have 3 gardens for veggies, herbs and strawberries, one raised bed, one in the back of our yard and one outside my laundry room door. I also have 3 rather large flower gardens. Here in Pennsylvania our growing season is over for me and I'm already looking forward to spring. :)



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