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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Farm Play Mat

Cows, pigs, sheep and horses have invaded my Creative Space this week.

I have been on a mission to use up fabric and supplies before buying anymore.  My cupboards are overstuffed.  They are so bad that when I open the cupboard where my material is stored I have to do it so slowly in case opening the door causes an avalanche of material to come flying out.
So this farm animal activity play mat is my first project to use up material. It hasn't even made a difference to my over stuffed cupboard so there will be more play mats coming.


  1. I am so making one of these! Great work!

  2. Looks fab, it will be sooooo loved! I made a pond for my girls, and they love it!

  3. That is simply gorgeous!!! I also love the plastic animals - I spent the better part of last week searching for some - I got some, but they aren't near as nice as yours!

  4. Hi Seaweed and Raine, thanks for your comment. These toys were a cheap pack from Toys R us.



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