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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Garden Delights

I have mentioned a few times here that I love my garden and I love gardening... I mean I really love gardening. It in't a chore, it is another way of being creative and I get the same feeling of contentment and happiness gardening as I do sewing and cooking. It is not a neat manicured garden by any means.  Although I do attempt to have areas that are really tidy.  My gardening style is all about being practical and the produce.  I grow herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees.
I get such a kick when I harvest something that I have grown and cook with it. I don't live on a large property.  I live in suburbia on an average sized block of land.  I grow wonderfully fragrant herbs including lavendar, rosemary, basil, parsley, sage, bay tree, kaffir lime tree, thyme, garlic chives, oregano, lemon grass...
I have over 16 fruit trees in my garden including lemons, mandarin, fig, apples, peacherine, peach, avocado, banana, cumquat, guava, fejoa, mango...
I love reading gardening books and blogs (see the links on the left for some of my favourite gardening bolgs).
Who else loves growing their own food?  Do you blog about it?  Please drop me a link as I would love to visit.

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  1. I love your garden and your fire pit! I've had dreams of having one in our humble backyard. I think the closest thing we've got is a 1/2 metal drum (which I've yet to cut holes in down the bottom to allow airflow).

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